Saturday, March 26, 2011

Of Birthdays and Quitting

I turned 24 last March 1st. I greeted it by being rushed to the ER due to costochondritis and lack of potassium. Though I've had fits of this before, I guess having it on my birthday made it sort of a turning point.

The health issues due to the nightshift has reached its all time high. I've had numerous low-potassium fits, nightmares and is even taking melatonin supplements already to manage my sleep cycle. I am even paying extra 1,500 more or less a month on electricity bills because airconditioning turned out to be a necessity already for me to be able to sleep. Plus, Mike's and my room looks gloomy because sunshine is strictly prohibited to come in at anytime of the day during workdays so I can sleep soundly.

So I quit. I submitted my resignation last March 18. I am rendering my 30-days notice (sort of) and advised them that I'll be using the rest of my unused vacation leaves. I'll be starting in the new workplace April 11th. Goodbye, Bonifacio Global City; hello, Ortigas Center. Goodbye ultra-fair skin because I've been lacking sun exposure for the last 3 years of my life; hello normal calm life - one that actually experiences traffic.

I will be working as a Research Analyst for a TNS, Pulseasia-esque firm based in Australia. Wow. I am worried and excited at the same time.