Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not Liking Someone to the Verge of Homophobia

I love the gays. I have a lot of gay friends. And I love them. The thing is, same with girls and guys, I also choose which gay I get close to.

I'm an intovert. It might sound weird and funny and pathetic that I'm introverted, but I am... Comes with that is the fact that I sift through all the people I meet and choose who I really wanna be friends with.

Facebook is a problematic area for me. People who meet you and you interact with expect that after 5 conversations; or even 5 sentences directed to them -- that they can add you into their FB list. I've been cleaning up my contacts list time and again. Every office you work at, you're bound to add at least 20 people. At the end of the year -- or when I leave that office, I clean this up and just retain 20 - 50% of the people I added. The rest are just noise that I can probably remove from my life and go on and things won't change, no adverse effect.

You practically coerced me to friend you. So I did, if that's what it takes to keep you quiet. I don't wanna be reminded time and again that I haven't friended you yet; or worse, that your friend request to me is pending -- when the truth is I rejected it (BTW, I unfollowed you and hid your posts already, I'm actually contemplating unfriending you).

Being the introvert that I am, I am not always switched on. There's a bunch of people I switch on for. Unfortunately, you're not one of them. I don't like your humor. It is cheap and it degrades other people. There's prolly a bunch of people awed and amazed with how your humor is always at the expense of other people. Your witty retorts are not enough for my sarcasm. Your egocentric-narcissist-better-than-thou rants may be funny to about 70% of the human population, but I think I can come up with a quip funnier and more substantial than yours at half the time you conjured that last one up. I don't have time for small-talk, let alone leisurely okrayan, if you must. Aaaannnddd... I hate the music you play. It's so redundant, it's so comedy bar, so... trannytown, dragville. I have a lot of gay friends and they don't listen to stereotypical gay music, their brains are a little bigger perhaps than yours that they can listen to music that doesn't involve Whitney Houston or Dreamgirls.

Just to make this sting a little less, the problem is not you. I am a Type A, hedonist, narcissistic, no-nonsense, leftist, whiny, down-with-the-boys, anti-consumerism riot girl. And you are just about everything that annoys me. So please get out of my way as I have better things to do than to look at that flamboyant, know-it-all, right-wing, queen-supreme-wannabe, social climbing, poseur duckfaced mug of yours.

You're killing my zen. And around 10 other people's zen too.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding Planning: The Reception Venue

Paco Park. The Park rental is around 8,000 for affairs from 6am to 6pm, and around 10,000 for affairs from 6pm to 6am.

Their office is at Rizal Park, along TM Kalaw cor. Taft Ave., Manila. It's a green building, it's called National Parks Development Committee/Council.

Their reservation books/calendar open every August. For example, for a wedding for December 2013, you can have it reserved as early as August 2012 (If you are like me who doesn't want to settle for a different date or venue just because someone else got the date/venue earlier than you). To reserve a date, you'll need to pay 20% of the total venue rental, the rest you can pay 1 month prior the wedding.

The person who will assist you is Ms. Cathy Guadalupe. You can reach her at 302-7079/408-7062, office hours is 8-12; 1-5.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wedding Planning: The Caterer, the Mock up and the Menu

The caterer we chose is k by Cunanan (
We had the mock up a few days ago. In the mock up, we finalized the food to be served, based on our food tasting. We also agreed on what needs to be done decor-wise. And of course, the costing.

Our final menu is:

Cocktail hour
Skewered cherry tomatoes, mozarella cubes and parsley
Hoisin chicken wrap
Smoked tanigue in crackers with horseradish

Dalandan juice


Cheese and broccoli
Pumpkin soup

Insalata with stawberry vinegrette

Main course
Mixed seafood pasta
Red snapper with mango salsa and coconut sauce (for guests)
Honey nut prawns (for VIP(presedential+couple))
Barbecue beef ribs with pasley butter corn and baby potatoes
Chicken with leeks in teriyaki glaze
Carrot rice/steamed rice

Lemon creme brulee
Mixed fruit compote
Mango panna cotta
Kiwi panna cotta
Picatostes de tsokolate
Strawberry and banana crepe

Raspberry iced tea
Tarragon tea and brewed coffee

This is sort of what the table will look like:

Flower arrangements will be in blue hydrangeas, pink/peach roses and yellow chyrsanthemums on glass jars, bottles and logs.

The total package for 140 guests, 10 kids, and 6 crew meals cost us roughly PhP125,000.

Guest meals cost = PhP740
Kiddie and Crew meals = PhP350
Plus, there's a service charge and of course, the fucked up VAT

While the service might seem pricey for some, (we actually got the cheapest package from them) I say splurge on it since it is the only thing that the guests remembers, the food and the table setting. :) Plus, k by Cunanan doesn't just cater, they DESIGN the reception. From the flowers, the set up, the tables, the table numbers, the place cards, etc. They do it - IN STYLE!

If you're planning to take k by Cunanan as your caterer too, I suggest you make sure that Kar de Castro-Reyes deals with you. She's marvelous and so fierce! :) Kar's cellphone number is 09178199466. Their HQ is in Ayala Heights, QC (#15 Emilio Jacinto St., Ayala Heights).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Planning: The Engagement Photoshoot

This is a teaser coz I won't really show you all of the photos. They will be launched wedding day.

Save the Date :)
Location: UP Diliman Film Center
Photographers: Box Out Photo/Rein Jacela
Concept: by MOI

We got their Blue Box Package, it costs PhP25,000.

Inclusions: 2 professional photographers, 1 lights man, 1 guestbook, 1 wedding album (Plus, CINEMATIC photography skills).

Rein is a friend from TELUS, Box Out is a group he is with friends April and Louie. I KNOW Rein shoots good photos, so while getting MangoRed or JasonMagbanua is surely a dream, I don't wanna spend PhP100,000 for photos alone, when I know someone who can deliver the same effect minus the cost.

To contact Box Out, you may text April/Louie at 09228399183/09228225100.