Monday, March 05, 2012


I get offended when people tell me they'll pray for me when I'm going through rough times.

I am fully aware though that my view will be highly controversial, if not regarded as the act of the devil.

But really, I get offended.

I'd like to think of myself as someone who reached what I reached, gone through life, became who I am, because of my own conscious effort to be like this. I studied and worked my ass off. I'm strong. I can get past through anything on my own conscious drive to do so and with the support of people around me.

But don't pray for me. Doing so makes me feel and think that I am not in control of things, or my emotions that I'd need an external, sort of magical force to get me through whatever it is someone is praying for me for.

Wedding: The Statistics

There's the pie chart of the wedding expenses. A HUGE chunk went to the Reception/Caterer. That's the way it's supposed to be. Never cut back on your guests. Never serve them mediocre food. All else can be DIYd to save money.

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Wedding: The Day

Swagger goods
Queen's kicks
His and her scents
Literally Saved The Date
Prepping up
See my new ink
All prettified up
All dappered up
Even already-married couples get jitters
One of my flower girls
My bridesmaids
The groomsmen
Cake (and cupcakes)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wedding: The Reception

At first I just wanted to have invitations in bottles, then I, decided to give out wines to the principal sponsors, then the favours came in bottles too and so I, with the help of Kar from k by Cunanan helped me to make it recurring theme. Bottles.

Bottles adorned with flowers in the couple backdrop

Bottles and jars with assorted flowers also adorned the guest tables.

Our Paco Park reception

Wedding: The Food

People raved about the food in our wedding. That was a sign for me that the wedding was a success, for the high and mighty I, have a tendency to diss on food served on weddings which are just the usual menudos and pininyahang manok. And I'm not just saying that, I really feel insulted when I come into a wedding all dressed up, dolled up and even with a gift then you'll serve me menudo. Really now? Isn't that like an everyday dinner food?

Pasta, roast beef, carrot rice, chicken something in teriyaki glaze (the one that looks like siomais), herbed corn and the  carpese salad.
Broccoli and cheese soup, creme brulee, mixed fruit compote and picatostes in tsokolate-e

Thanks to Ira who took photos of the food on the wedding, I have an idea of how it looked like to the guests who were served buffet as opposed to the presidential table who had it sit-in.

Wedding: The Favours

They are home-made pastillas. In pink, yellow and blue -- our wedding colors. The bottles were from Divisoria (PhP6.00 each), the stickers were from Robee stickers (PhP2.00 each) and the ribbons from Carolina's Market Market (PhP4.00 per yard).

As for the pastillas it's a secret recipe :)