About Me

My name is Nay-Yea. I think I'd like to keep it that way. To ward off evil (read: stalkers) from this blog. I used to blog a lot about my life and my convictions. My goal then was to be easily search-able on any search engine, quasi-fame. Which I enjoyed a bit when known political writers started crawling my blog content and quoting me. But when strangers started to invite themselves in and intrude with my life, I had to call foul and decided to shut down a blog which I maintained for 5 years under two hosts - Blogger and Geocities. I went on a blog hiatus from around Q3 of 2008 to Q3 of 2010. I became pseudo-active around Q3 of 2009 only to completely stop blogging after a series of events that turned my life around. Having to blog in the same place I used to when things were a lot different seemed to be an exercise in futility. My existence will be forever tainted and judged based on past writings, which I had to admit I wrote driven by angst, aggression and other superlatives of emotions.

Now, I'm starting over, on a quasi-anonymous blog. At least when you Google my real name, this blog won't rank #1, #2 and #4 on the search results. This blog marks the not necessarily new, but definitely an improved me.

Major change. I am now married.

Being married helped me a lot, I used to vent out all emotions online, but now, my husband is there to listen to me and give me advice when needed (unlike the anonymous unsolicited and often debasing advices from strangers or stalkers). My husband really helped me learn a lot about people and dealing with them. Since we are polar opposites I somehow am now more capable of doing the "If I were in his/her/your shoes" scenario in my head and come up with better judgment (compared to how I used to when I was a bratty spoiled problem child a few years ago). Being married taught me a lot about meeting in the middle and not arguing my way into things all the time.

So expect less heavy content and rants, but don't expect lack of convictions either. I just got married after all, surgeons did not remove my brain.


Been through a lot and will still go through a lot; glad that she's gonna be going through them with the Boy ('06 C-Eng #16*5). 
Because two heads are better than one. My husband (a.k.a The Boy) is a Civil Engineer from MIT. He is smart, quiet, good in Math (unlike me), simple, steadfast and handsome. In other words, good gene pool.

UP Grad.
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science tracking in International Politics. Pretty heavy? Maybe.

Slave to Cash.
Wasn't able to practice my field because the company I'm with decided to excite me with an amount I can't refuse. Though I think this will pass, things will be better and I will soon be reunited with my real passion - which doesn't really make good money, I have to admit
. Is now practicing her field and is being compensated justly for doing the thing she loves the most -- research and writing.

'87. Piscean. March 1st.
Which makes me? 24. 25. Creative, romantic, spiritual (not religious), sensitive, idealistic, among other things that astrology say that I am, which somehow actually matches the real world representation of me.

A '90s Manic Pixie Rocker Girl.
Oh no, it will be very rare that you'll spot me with earphones in my ear and listening to RnB, HipHop, Pop, etc. I was born and raised in the 90s by boys who like grunge, new wave, metal, alternative and some blues.

Wants to go back to random moments of '97, '98, '99, '03, '06 and '07.
Because those were the days that though I have poor judgment, I was still excused from being reprimanded and is rarely liable about anything that might have happened under the stipulation that I am just a kid, a student and doesn't know how the real world works.

The only principle I live by. Though freedom in my POV have limitations especially when it comes to pet peeves of mine.

Chasing happiness.
Because I'd rather be happy than just rich or successful. I can give up worldly pleasures for something abstract and transcends what is material. Family, friends, love and my husband are sources of happiness. Though the occasional shopping spree can do that too ;p