Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brazil and Back

Went to have my first Brazilian Wax session like an hour ago. It was liberating, sort of. The peeling off of the wax strips didn't hurt, it was applying the wax and applying the anti-inflammation cream after the procedure that hurt more. I thought I won't be able to walk, or at least walk awkwardly for at least an hour, but upon going out of the waxing salon, I was able to cross the street, withdraw money from the ATM and buy McDonald's meal as pasalubong for Mike just fine. So there. I could post a pic of the post-Brazil bermuda triangle but that would be too graphic.


  1. haha!! anniversary gift ba to? kidding:) liberating, YES! seryoso parang lahat kaya ko after ng brazilian wax. :)) sabi nung waxer ko yung iba daw nagtetake ng pain killers an hour before para lang matolerate. haha

    congrats! regular na dapat yan:)

  2. Yup. Anniv gift. Though I wax by myself. First to have someone else do it.