Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wedding: The Food

People raved about the food in our wedding. That was a sign for me that the wedding was a success, for the high and mighty I, have a tendency to diss on food served on weddings which are just the usual menudos and pininyahang manok. And I'm not just saying that, I really feel insulted when I come into a wedding all dressed up, dolled up and even with a gift then you'll serve me menudo. Really now? Isn't that like an everyday dinner food?

Pasta, roast beef, carrot rice, chicken something in teriyaki glaze (the one that looks like siomais), herbed corn and the  carpese salad.
Broccoli and cheese soup, creme brulee, mixed fruit compote and picatostes in tsokolate-e

Thanks to Ira who took photos of the food on the wedding, I have an idea of how it looked like to the guests who were served buffet as opposed to the presidential table who had it sit-in.

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