Monday, July 29, 2013

RH, again.

I am a woman who support RH. Reproductive health. I want a healthy uterus and cervix that will produce a smart and critical little Filipino. I don't want to die during childbirth because I want to be there to raise my child/children. I also want to enjoy intimacy with my husband without having to worry if doing so will mean we'll settle for less than our ideal lifestyle. I don't want to have lots of kids to take care of that I'll end up ignoring my husband and he'll start womanizing because I don't have time to spend with him. I want to have a choice as to how to live my life, conceive, rear and raise my family. We are practicing natural family planning because it works for us and I've been given proper education and have access to a doctor who gave us information on what would be safest for us since I already had a miscarriage. But I know some people don't have access to information or a doctor and I think that is unfair. I say give them access to information and contraception and see our country breed smarter, healthier and more aware citizens.

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