Thursday, July 28, 2016


Breakfast is our body's initial fuel for the day. It jumpstarts our brain and bodily functions so that we can perform well for our daily activities. This is vital as it sets our mood as we take on the next 16 waking hours or so of our busy lives.

It has also been widely circulated that breakfast eaters are less likely to suffer obesity. When you eat your breakfast early on, your metabolism kicks in. Metabolism as we all know, slows down as we age and is the culprit of weight gain as we get older, if we work on firing up our metabolism, it stays active, thus keeping it from being sedentary and causing us to get bigger.

Eating breakfast also keeps you from starving mid-day. When you are so starved, the tendency of you reaching out for that sweet treat or sodium packed snack is quite higher. Breakfasts keeps you fueled enough for the first 3 - 5 hours of your day so that you will not decide on suddenly binge-eating 2 hours into your day.

While merely eating breakfast is the first step to health, we must also choose carefully what we put on our plates for breakfasts. It is said that having fruits and protein for breakfasts is preferred for weight loss. However, having a balanced breakfast of about 400 calories with the basic macro nutrients - carbs, protein and fats, and addition of useful fiber and sugar is a sure way to start the day right.

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