Monday, February 07, 2011

It's Confirmed!

Finally, I had my kumpil. In English, it's confirmation, which makes me think what am I confirmed with? Confirmed to be alive? Confirmed to or as what? Anyway, I had my confirmation at St. Michael (IKR, Saint?) and the Archangels Parish in Manila, near the Presidential Palace. The Confirmation fee is PhP600, a little higher than the usual kumpil rates, but it's express-kumpil - no seminar, no fuss, just drop by pay and get your certificate all in 3 hours (you'll need your Baptismal Cert, Birth Cert and kumpil Sponsor with you though). My kumpil was at 10:30 am, that is the Sunday schedule - though they also have kumpils on Thursdays and Saturdays, both at 2:30 pm.

The confimation mass ended roughly around 12 noon, then we went to Quiapo to have lunch and found this hole-in-wall Chinese resto called Amis'. Their fried chicken was glorious! We ordered 1/2 fried chicken, Ho To Tay soup (it has dumplings, shrimp, pork in a broth with pechay, cabbages, onion springs and carrots), Rice, Siopao for me and Fruit Salad for Mike and Mommy, then Sago and Black Gulaman for me, Melon shake for Mommy and Guyabano shake for Mike.

After that we went to the offices of the church and venue that we want to book. Too bad, they say it's still to early to book dates on 2012, too bad especially since I went to the great danger of bringing money on one of the most dangerous streets in Manila! Imagine my paranoia carrying my bag and walking through the Quiapo marketplace. On the other hand, they advised us when we the calendar will be open so it's pretty much a race for Mike and me by then. Someone stole my date before, no one's gonna steal it this time anymore!!!

So there goes, one of my first few chronicles of my life as a BRIDEZILLA :)


  1. Hi there! Saw your post while searching for a church where the husband-to-be can get his kumpil. Do you mind e-mailing me the church requirements for the confirmation? Please? E-mail is Thank you very very much and good luck with the rest of your planning! :)