Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whatever Happened to SERVE THE PEOPLE?!

I was late because I had to walk the length of Gen. Luna in Tuktukan yesterday night on my way to work.

Now I am posting this not because I am a Tinga loyalist, nor that voted for Lani Cayetano with her promise of change towards a better Taguig. I am posting this because I am a TAXPAYER and I don't want any Lani Cayetano or Dante Tinga waste the Two-Grand I INVOLUNTARILY surrender monthly to the BIR for government consumption (if I had a choice, I won't pay for taxes, I can think of better ways to spend Two-Thousand-Pesos - which is on food, clothes and shoes).

The people, especially those of us who are EMPLOYED are paying taxes so we can have more convenient transportation, better roads, social services and healthcare, and this is what you DOUCHEBAG politicians give us? STRESS?! On top of the financial stress blatantly imposed to us by the uncannily high taxes despite the poor government services on health, education, infrastructures; the skyrocketing prices and the EHERM - long overdue ACROSS THE BOARD WAGE HIKE.

This is so fuckin' lame. LANI CAYETANO, DANTE TINGA, ALLAN CAYETANO, FREDDIE TINGA, PIA CAYETANO, ET AL. Hello?! I don't fuckin' care if this is about vote-buying, vote-tampering or what have you (which of course started from you as well). I don't care about your political agenda and ulterior motives for personal (financial, prestige, political) gains. All I want is that you dimwits SERVE THE PEOPLE like you should, as you have said so yourselves that you are a bunch of PUBLIC SERVANTS. I don't think adding inconvenience to the already horrendous traffic scheme in Tuktukan, and disturbing the peace is not for common good, right? I find it VERY, VERY SELFISH! You are not serving us, instead you are giving all of us a hard time walking round the streets, looking for alternate (but much longer way away) routes and finding public transport! Plus, you're polluting EARTH! After Ondoy, we should've learned our lessons and put sustainable development at the top of our lists!

All I'm asking is TRANSPARENCY, CHECKS & BALANCES and ACCOUNTABILITY. Stop playing the blame game. The TAONGBAYAN thinks it's not helping them at all. If there;s one thing that I learned from Prof. Bobby Tuazon's PolSci classes, those are necessary in any government. TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and CHECKS & BALANCES from BOTH DISPUTING POLITICAL PARTIES in gratitude to the people who ever-so-lovingly voted for them in precincts despite the really sucky election process.

This better end soon. Don't stress me. I get really bitchy when I am pissed off.

PS: Lani Cayetano, you did not accept my friend request, and your profile is set to private. Why?Are you avoding to be tagged on photos such as these? Photos that depict that reality that you are not really the champion of the masses and the anti-dote to Trapo that you claim to be?

PPS: There are days when I wish that I didn't study Political Science so I won't be so god-damned affected. But heck, I am really glad I did, at least I am ranting and rambling on much better causes on Facebook rather than all the other TRIVIAL stuff people these days seemed to be pre-occupied with.

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