Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wedding Planning: The Caterer, the Mock up and the Menu

The caterer we chose is k by Cunanan (
We had the mock up a few days ago. In the mock up, we finalized the food to be served, based on our food tasting. We also agreed on what needs to be done decor-wise. And of course, the costing.

Our final menu is:

Cocktail hour
Skewered cherry tomatoes, mozarella cubes and parsley
Hoisin chicken wrap
Smoked tanigue in crackers with horseradish

Dalandan juice


Cheese and broccoli
Pumpkin soup

Insalata with stawberry vinegrette

Main course
Mixed seafood pasta
Red snapper with mango salsa and coconut sauce (for guests)
Honey nut prawns (for VIP(presedential+couple))
Barbecue beef ribs with pasley butter corn and baby potatoes
Chicken with leeks in teriyaki glaze
Carrot rice/steamed rice

Lemon creme brulee
Mixed fruit compote
Mango panna cotta
Kiwi panna cotta
Picatostes de tsokolate
Strawberry and banana crepe

Raspberry iced tea
Tarragon tea and brewed coffee

This is sort of what the table will look like:

Flower arrangements will be in blue hydrangeas, pink/peach roses and yellow chyrsanthemums on glass jars, bottles and logs.

The total package for 140 guests, 10 kids, and 6 crew meals cost us roughly PhP125,000.

Guest meals cost = PhP740
Kiddie and Crew meals = PhP350
Plus, there's a service charge and of course, the fucked up VAT

While the service might seem pricey for some, (we actually got the cheapest package from them) I say splurge on it since it is the only thing that the guests remembers, the food and the table setting. :) Plus, k by Cunanan doesn't just cater, they DESIGN the reception. From the flowers, the set up, the tables, the table numbers, the place cards, etc. They do it - IN STYLE!

If you're planning to take k by Cunanan as your caterer too, I suggest you make sure that Kar de Castro-Reyes deals with you. She's marvelous and so fierce! :) Kar's cellphone number is 09178199466. Their HQ is in Ayala Heights, QC (#15 Emilio Jacinto St., Ayala Heights).

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