Monday, January 27, 2014

Rash Story

Dear Phoebe*, 

Yesterday, at the St. Luke's ER "decontamination chamber" I was alone with a guy who also had the "rashes". He came in earlier than me. We were both measles / dengue candidates. He was sitting across me in the room. He had a Herschel backpack. He was wearing a white shirt with what looks like lomo-shots of a surfing community, raggedy straight cut jeans and what seemed like Pumas. He was on his iPhone. He looked at me with a weird stare when I started humming Lorde's A World Alone. He was also reading a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book. When he opened his backpack, a Murakami paperback spilled. He laughed when I tried moving a few minutes after the anti-histamine shot and blurted out loud "Shet, nakakahilo pala yun". We both wore masks (because we're contagious) so I wasn't able to see his entire face but he had an aquiline nose (well at least based on the nose bridge that shows above the face mask). Also, his eyes were light brown and a little bloodshot.

His last name was Solis. That's all I have, doctors called us with our last names only. The doctor asked him if he was from the south; a province from the south -- to which he replied, "yes, Iligan".

I'm so sorry if these are the only details I have, I was groggy as fuck after that anti-histamine shot and was sedated afterwards. I hope you can find him. We were both diagnosed negative of measles and dengue. He had viral infection and with quite low WBC. We were both advised for return check up with an Internal Medicine doc after 2 - 3 days. Maybe you can hangout by St. Luke's around those days?

I just knew I found the boy for you.



*Names were changed for reasons unknown.

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