Thursday, April 12, 2012

On womanhood

Women around my age always gets asked (if they haven't yet) a.) When will they get married? or b.) When will they have a baby?

It gets pretty annoying after the many times it gets asked by the many nosy people, more so if one is an educated woman who have bigger dreams. Someone who at a young age instead of playing mommy to infant dolls; played with world maps and almanacs, was obsessed with the encyclopedia, dictionary and cassette player; someone who refused to play the nanay sa bahay in bahay-bahayan but the mom who drives to the office with her toy cellphone? Why are we stereotyping women to wife and mother roles? Women have different definitions of success and happiness. And WE are capable of making them ALL happen if we stop bending over backwards on achieving what traditional society asks us to be.

How about... When will you win your Nobel Prize? When will you earn your first million? When will you be able to buy your first car, your first house? When will you go to Europe for the vacation you dreamed of? When will you get your PhD? When will you be a popstar? When will I save enough money to buy an RV and tour the entire Luzon coastline? 

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