Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding: Bride's DIY Projects 2

Now if you paid attention to your THE/HELE classes in gradeschool and highschool, and if your handwriting is as artsy-fartsy-dainty like mine, this will be easy.

The Wedding Coins

  1. Asked mom for their old wedding coins (coins dated 1942)
  2. Went to the palengke to have it cleaned

Here Comes The Bride Signage

  1. Buy illustration board
  2. Get scissors and cut up a heart from the illustration board
  3. Using the black side of the board, chalk in the words 'here comes the bride' in the daintiest way possible.

Secondary Veil

  1. Buy tulle from your fabric shop
  2. Buy lace from your fabric shop
  3. Cut up the tulle into an oval
  4. Sew around the jagged edges of the tulle the border lace

Just Married signage for the Combi

  1. Buy illustration board
  2. Buy multi-colored chalk
  3. Write 'Just Married' in your cutsiest handwriting. Date and place optional
  4. Add in sunshine, butterflies, bees, trees, fluffy clouds, hearts and everything that reminds you of your happy place

Primary Veil
  1. Buy the finest tulle in the fabric store (in this case: I bought the shiny one that's closest to my gown colour)
  2. Buy shiny white beads
  3. Cut the fabric into an oval
  4. Sew in the shiny white beads at the edge of the fabric (about 2 inches off the edge)

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