Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wedding Planning: The Invitation

Our invitations cost us 31 pesos a piece. This type of invitation is being sold at mall-located-invitation-kioks at 60-85 a piece, and at Recto for 40-50 a piece. But I am an OC Bride who thinks no one can pull off the invitation that I have envisioned in mind, I DIY'd it. :)

We bought the bottles in Divisoria, 7 pesos each
The stickers we asked Robee Stickers to do, 3 pesos each
The invitation printing - we had made in Jherland (JohnKyle bookstore) in Recto, 20 pesos with the pink ribbons.
The yellow ribbons, 2 pesos per yard, but each bottle only used around 4-6 inches, I just rounded it off at 1 pesos per bottle.
The fonts, I got from a digital scrapbooking website: Kevin and Amanda's Fonts For Peas. You can download the fonts for FREE.

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