Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wedding: Bride's DIY Projects

Here are some of my DIY projects. I'll give you no brainer instructions, to make it fancy, use your imagination.

The Match for the Candle Sponsors

  1. Buy a standarad match
  2. Get a wrappring paper in your wedding colour
  3. Get some scissors and glue and wrap the wrapping paper into the match
  4. If you have a monogram, stick it in

The Ring and Coins Pillow

  1. I got a small square pillow lying around
  2. Using the leftover fabrics from the entourage dresses, cut up pieces the size of the pillow
  3. Style as you please (in this case, I used blue fabric with a pink "runner" in the middle and yellow ribbons, to make sure all wedding colours are represented
  4. Sew them up together
  5. Use ribbons to fasten your rings and coins

The Wedding Cord

  1. Get a nylon string in your craft store
  2. Buy beads in your wedding colours
  3. Start beading, think of creative patterns (in this case: It's blue-pink small beads alternated 50 times, then a big pink bead to close off the 50, then a bigger yellow bead/button, then the pink big bead again, and so on...)
  4. Make it into a big number 8, each hole must be big enough to fit a grown person's shoulder

The Flower Girls Baskets

  1. Buy a generic basket in DV
  2. Get your nylon string and beads again and start beading (blue-yellow-pink for this)
  3. Once you have enough strings of beads to use, twirl the string of beads around the basket handle and secure them using a gluegun
  4. Put more beads where you want the beads to go around (in this case: around the base of the basket)
  5. Buy pink paper (I don't know what they're called) and stick it into the basket, secure using a gluegun
  6. Pour rose petals into the baskets.

Petals and confetti cones

  1. Buy wrapping paper in your wedding colours
  2. Cut them into about 8x8 squares
  3. Style them into cones
  4. Secure the cones with adhesive tape or stickers (in this case: used the leftover name tags)

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