Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lomo: 121024

When you live in Taguig and you wanna snap pics, you tend to think of BGC - it's our Central Park. Here's that one time I went to BHS for some lomo. Here's what happened...

Sky burn
Sky and palm trees in MX
Chicharones MX
The girl with LOTS of tattoo

Hanging out with ze wolves
Trees, buildings, shadows, MX
My husband playing dead in the grass

Shots using La Sardina with Expired DNP Centuria ASA 400.


  1. Mga trial shots. Di pa marunong, daming na overexpose. Mas maganda yung sa color slide kaso 64 lang ISO, underexposed naman, upload ko next. Kelangan kong matutunan ang ibat ibang nature at characteristics ng iba ibang film :S