Monday, November 22, 2010


- KaBlam!

I was Googling the name Mischa which brought me to Mischa Barton, her Filmography and saw Kablam where Mischa Barton played Betty Anne Bongo. No biggie.

I used to sing the Betty Anne Bongo song a lot when I was that addicted to Nickelodeon way back gradeschool-college and I loved that song so much, I'll probably teach it to my babies. Mischa Barton was Marissa Cooper in the OC - which was one TV series I totally love (ran 2003-2007 - my college years); and the endorser of Keds back then - which is still my fave shoe brand.

* * *

Betty Anne Bongo - Betty Anne is the realistically thinking "leader" of the clique. She usually can be found playing her bongo set. She also often sang her own little theme song, the lyrics consisting of: "My name is Betty Anne Bongo, I sing this little song-O, I sing it all day long-O!" Voiced by Mischa Barton.

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