Monday, November 29, 2010

New Face

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not being able to take pics on my experience. Maybe next time, I'll ask Mike to go in and take pictures for posterity.

So I've always been a fan of skin care, and NOT cosmetics, for I have uber-sensitive skinnage. Though, I don't really care much about cleansers and toners (plus the fact that my face reacts so badly with cleansers - massive breakouts; and toners I feel are a bit redundant, only used it back in college to refresh my face at school after much walking in the pollution-filled Padre Faura to remove all the oil and dirt), as much as I do for moisturizers. I've been using moisturizers since 2nd year highschool, loyal with Pond's until college - maybe because it was the only brand I knew then, I like the just powdered face effect (and I don't use powder because I noticed that I tend to develop rashes when I do; even the swear-to-gah sensitive line of Mary Kay mineral foundations gives me little break outs every now and then), it's available in sachets - affordable enough for a students living on a cutthroat allowance, and it's available even in most of your suking tindahans. Come office days, I looked for other brands because there's so much being advertised on the market, Pond's seemed not to have it's magic anymore and I have a bigger budget to work on. Tried Garnier - which caused massive breakouts. And finally tried Olay Total Effects - which really served it's purpose; so far, the best moisturizer for me. Not switching.

But moisturuzers don't remove the grime of ickyness that builds up around the T-zone. I always do nose-strips, but it is only first-aid. I scrub my face with Apricot scrub or sugar with coconut oil, but again, it's only first-aid. Then because I have even larger moolah I decided I should get facials every now and then in Let's Face It, then Clarity in Healthway. But I saw that the effects are short lived. So my sister-in-law - Ate Myra (Kuya Totoy's wife) suggested I try Diamond Peel in Skin 101, she said that I'd like the effect. She said I should go in the San Joaquin branch because it is not as in-demand as the mall branches, as such they actually spend time on your face making sure the procedure was thorough. She first cleaned the face, applied some sort of very cool cleanser, rinsed it, applied some sort of cream and steamed my face, and about this time I felt sleepy and woke up when she was pricking me already. The girl who did my face was very, very efficient, I wasn't hurt with the pricking, unlike the people in LFI who are like construction laborers. She was even able to remove the annoying milia I had in my nose, plus points for that! After the session, Mike picked me up and when he saw me, he called me "Pink Girl" because he said my face is noticeable rosier and I look so mapute, then he asked what are the 2 wounds in my nose were, I said the girl even removed the 2 milia that bothered me for about a month now - which he claimed he never noticed (aww, he still thinks I'm perfect!) nor remember. I'm not worried about the two wounds, they will heal easily, I have this cream which my dermatologist in Healthway gave me to make sure facial scarring doesn't happen after pricking or other derma procedures. The attendant said I cannot put any products on your face 24 hours after the procedure but I may wash it with water and mild soap only - which is convenient since that's what I really wash my face with anyway.

One DP session is 1k. They even have a 5+1 package - cheapness!!! The branch I went to is open everyday from 11am to 8pm. The session lasts for almost an hour, and it was amazing! It was massive cleaning! I never felt so clean after facials. And my skin felt so soft and smooth and soooo refreshed! It removes the traces of stress on your face.  I'll be going back 2 weeks from now. Maybe I'll be able to take pictures then. And I swear this will be a regular thing! I'll ask my vintage BFFs to come with me next time - my kikaymates since grade school!

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