Monday, November 08, 2010

Memoriam: NU 107

People can call  me a poser coz I go public donning a pink dress and pink lips but when they crush my bones and my bone marrow will spill black oil because despite all of the kikay tendencies, if you'll dissect the innermost of my gut, you'll probably see a black metal studded cuff if you rummage deep enough my insides.
Fifth grade was when I started to actively watch MTV and listen to the radio. Prior to this, I listened to what my brothers listened to, that is Pearl Jam, Metallica, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Tears for Fears,The Dawn, Yano and Eraserheads. Though pop was big back in '97 (spell boybands, girlbands and the dawn of Britneys), I found myself attracted to watching MTV Alternative Nation and indie-Lilith Fair-esque women on MTV's playlist and listening to NU 107. My first few faves within the genre were Oasis, Matchbox20, Suede, No Doubt, Sarah Mclachahn, Bjork, Shawn Colvin, Meredith Brooks, Blur, Prodigy and Silverchair.

13 years since '97, NU 107 aired it's finale. This made me sad. A lot. I UStreamed the final minutes and I feel like breaking down in tears. The final song they played at 11:59 pm, November 7, 2010 was Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads. Fitting. Huling Sayaw, magkahawak ang kamay.
NU has been my source of non-mainstream and most of all substantial music. NU has been home of Gang Badoy and RockEd radio - which I totally appreciate as a sensible  forum that discussed social, economic and political issues and educated the youth minus the boredom and mediocrity brought upon by primetime news, it activated learning and encouraged opinion. I learned in NU 107 what I never learned in UP and at home. The rest is trivial.

When people, or in this case broadcast media of this caliber is lost, it makes me ponder on the future of humanity. REALLY. What will happen to our kids? Will they be forever trapped in an abyss of Disney Channel and pop music, stupidity and apathy? That would be hell, at least in my perspective. That's totally been my pet peeve, apathy and the lack of balls. I vowed to breed a spawn of indie-counterculture-non-mainstream kids who'll go against the flow. Not a bunch of clones who'll take crap just because it's the only thing presented to them.

Rock music (and its sub-genres) isn't just rock music. It's a lifestyle-one that makes sense. And I'm glad I chose it over all the other genres available in the market. Listening to NU and rock music per se drew the rebel in me, and aren't I glad. Thank you, NU. You will be forever, forever missed.

Note: #NU and #NU107 in Twitter. It feels like someone died.

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