Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have been looking through caterers. I was originally looking at Ignacio's Catering since they seem to have a good package at a relatively low price. But Hizon's Catering sent me their stress-free wedding package which is tempting. See details:

Amenities: ( 150 guest minimum )
1. A Choice of Menu 

2. Complete floral dress-up of wedding reception area ( gazebo, pillars, etc. ) 
3. Buffet table with attractive centerpieces and elegant skirting following your motif ( Grand waterfalls, Elegant water fountain, etc. )  
4. Satellite Wedding Cake with floral arrangement or three layered fondant wedding cake  
5. Bridal Car ( MB 3 hours use)  
6. Hotel Accommodation  
7. Body Spa Package  
8. Wedding Reception Emcee  
9. A bottle of wine for bridal toast  
10. Floral Centerpiece and candles for each guest’s table  
11. An elegant presidential table with end to end floral arrangement and skirting following your color motif.  
12. Elegant Wooden Signature Frame or Guestbook  
13. Decorated wedding cage with a pair of doves and flower arrangement  
14. Sword Parade or Torch Parade  
15. Tiffany Chairs with ribbons  
16. Tables with floor length embroidered mantel or lace runner  
17. Complete silver wares, glass wares and Flatware  
18. Roll top chaffing dishes  
19. Waiters and food attendants in uniform   
20. Ice for the drinks and purified drinking water  
21. Free food tasting for two persons   
22. Red Carpet  
23. Menu Tags   
+ 10% service charge + 12% Evat 

Wedding Buffet Menu for Lunch and Dinner 
Appetizer : Crispy Spinach with dip 
Soup : Cream of Mushroom Soup 
Salad : Salad Bar ( onions, turnips, lettuce, croutons, bacon bits, kernel corn, tomatoes ) Dressings: Caesars and Thousand Island 

Hot Buffet : ( A Choice of One Per Dish ) 
Fettuccine with Alfredo Sauce / Baked Spaghetti Cheesy Lasagna 
Beef Callos Señorita / Cream Beef w/ Mushrooms / Holiday beef with Olives 
Tempura Fish Fillet with tartar sauce or Lemon Buttered sauce / Grilled Fish w/ our special sauce ( all are cook on the spot ) 
Grilled Chicken Breast ala Pobre / Chicken Theresa / Chicken Alexander / Chicken Barbecue in Hawaiian Sauce 
Buttered Vegetables with kernel corn and Mushroom Buttons 
Steamed Rice 
Dessert : ( Choice of Two ) Buco Pandan w/ Lychee / Fruit Salad / Buco Salad / Assorted Pastries / Halo-Halo Bar 
Drinks : Iced Tea and Soft Drinks (refillable) 
Price: P810.00 + 10% Service Charge + 12% EVAT / per head 

That's a pretty nice package right? I'll be going to their Grand Food Tasting on Sunday to check and negotiate. There are some things in the package that I am not quite interested in and I was looking into having removed for a lower price - like the car (MB is not my idea of a bridal car I already have one in mind too, and I can get it for free), the sword/ torch parade (I don't want shiny, sharp, things or fire near me, I am too clumsy like that, especially with killer heels), the host (since I have friends who can easily do that for me for free) and the bird cage (I am grossed out with pigeons/ doves). I also am not looking into 150 guests, I wanted it to be an intimate affair, looking at 100 guests only, 130 tops. I hope people at Hizon's are flexible. After all, it' my wedding, not theirs.

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