Friday, January 07, 2011

Church Wedding Planning

It's very difficult to plan a UNIQUE church wedding when you're in a very tight budget. I'm looking at PhP200,000. If I'm okay with simple, I can pull off easily one. But me being an OC-freak, I am already going crazy. My target is December 18, 2011 - our 2nd wedding anniversary since we were married in the trial court :)

So I need help in the following aspects of wedding planning:
1. Photography - I need one that I can get for 20,000. 25,000 max, if it includes pre-nup etc. Daniel Lei seems tempting. But maybe I can get a cheaper one. I don't really care for videography. I don't really think I'd have the time to watch myself on TV. If I'll get one, I'm totally ok with the raw shoot. Just as long as the video guy's hands aren't wobbly.
2. Food - I want people to go home thinking that my wedding was a gastronomical feast, no negative comments whatsoever in the food (hehe). Right now, I am looking at Ignacio's Catering and Conti's (yes, as in the Mango Bravo store).
3. Make-up - I need to be uber-perfect so pretty on that day. That's why. Kabbie (who did my Cosmo photoshoot make-up) is easily contactable, but maybe there are other options (Read: CHEAPER) available.
4. The little things - favors, flowers, etc.

I've decided to go DIY on some of the things needed for the wedding. I am promising myself that I can pull this off with the help of Divisoria and the WWW. :)


  1. photographer: (friend ng sister ko sila leigh and tani; ganda ng pictures nila)

    make up: nikki tiu ( graduate ng basement academy so magaling talaga sya, not sure though kung magkano singil nya.

  2. Thanks, Joice, pero pricey yung photog 40k ang basic package nya... :(

  3. Congrats in advance :)

    Super adik ako sa site na to dahil sa mga DIY :) enjoy!

  4. Yup, I'm a member na. With the GreenWeddingShoes. I also bookmarked them na. Saw them whilst browsing through MangoRed portfolio