Monday, August 27, 2012

My husband is a Civil Engineer

... and yet I am the one in charge of the kitchen renovation. After all, it is gonna be my kitchen. Where I'll cook and stuff. So right now, I'm the appointed pseudo-architect. Anywhoo... my husband did all the measurements and scaling and what not, but the design... that's me, and the idea where to use slide doors, drawers and hinge doors, that's me too. Here's the draft design:

Click photo to enlarge
3D version, click to enlarge

Don't diss, I'm no Autocad expert. I just did this with all the passion I have for arts and design and whatever-you-may-call my tendency to be visual about things.The bottom part is still TBA because I want to buy the plate wire basket fixture in Ace hardware first because the measurement of the drawers and whatever will be dependent on the size of the fixture.

I've done window shopping on the materials for this kitchen renovation project and I have a vague sense of what I want in terms of 'the look' that I'm trying to achieve with the kitchen. We already have the person who'll do it booked, he's just waiting for this design.

I hope it'll be a success. Having a really functional kitchen has been my frustration since when my parents designed our kitchen, it was 20 years ago and 'fixtures' aren't really the in thing yet. So really I hope this works.

And for the record, this isn't the hobby I've been talking about in the previous post.

Here are tips to make a small kitchen work, if anyone else is doing kitchen renovations right now like me.

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