Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taking a Dump

I have had about a dozen real-life (as opposed to TV/movie) crushes and/or puppy loves and/or flings and/or date around and/or manliligaw before I ended up with my husband. None of them lasted for more than a year, so I never really thought they're big deals. Though I will remember why all of them didn't work (euphemism for I dumped them for some).
  1. Talked shit.
  2. Was a mainstream jock.
  3. Too gangsta and was/is broke.
  4. We were too young.
  5. Poor dental hygiene.
  6. Was a playah.
  7. Too nice and too sweet,
  8. LDRs don't work.
  9. Too big/bulky.
  10. Too religious, a liar, stupid and has bad music taste.
  11. Was just after the nookie.
  12. Liar.
  13. Wearing dentures.
You who's reading this... Were you one of them? ;p 

So yeah, I've had that many losers before I ended up with my husband. Good thing I didn't end up with them. I think having to go through ALL that made me smarter when I finally came to my final decision. How about you?

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