Saturday, August 18, 2012


Went to the ONLY conveyor-belt-sushi-buffet-resto in the Philippines. Sakae Sushi in the SM Mall of Asia (though I believe there are branches in BGC and SM North EDSA too, I think). Went with my officemates, yesterday, on a Friday afternoon(ish).

The All Day Sushi Buffet is worth PhP399, which includes bottomless green tea. Sushi/makis, if to be bought ala-carte is priced at PhP39, PhP59, PhP 79 and PhP99, which depends on the color of the plate. The blue plates are the cheapest ones and the red and pink/purple plates are those worth PhP99.So if you were able to finish at least 4 PhP99 peso plates, it's sulit already.

We arrived at Sakae around 5:30 pm and stayed until around 8(?). So... prior to going to Sakae, we first read reviews in,, blogs, etc. as it's gonna be our first time to go there (yes, we're not trendsetters, early adopters, deal with it!). There were bad reviews saying that there were only 4-5 types of sushi revolving, and bad service, so we went with very low expectations (and hopes that there's at least cali-maki).

I'm surrounded by sushis. Gotta catch 'em all! (Pokemon!)
Sorry for the horrid hair, I think I was on my 6th plate here and I was a
little high and too happy and starting to feel full and tired.
To clarify things, it's not just 4-5 types of sushi. There are LOTS of them if you'll stay for longer than 30 minutes.  Sushis and makis are made in batches, so you will find that there's about 4-5 type of sushi are going around the conveyor belt at one time. But after 15 minutes or so, the types of sushis/makis made are changed and you'll have roughly about at least 20 types of them going around after 2 hours. We stayed for about 3 hours, with friends to chat with, 3 hours isn't so long and so we were able to catch all (or almost all) of the sushis. 

California Maki isn't as elusive as other reviewers made it seem like. There was salmon, maguro, ebi, yellowfin, octopus, squid and egg sushi. There's also futomaki, tekkamaki, and one with the sesame seeds. There's 6 caviar-based sushis too and there's also the one which seemed to be covered in dumpling wrapper and deep fried, and there's like barbecued salmon with spicy sauce too. There's a few more others that might have slipped my mind too, or those which I don't know what the fish/filling is.

7 plates only. I know, disappointing ;P
Sure, there might be a little bit too much rice in the makis, but I couldn't care less, as long as I have my soysauce and wasabi and lots of green tea to drink, I'm fine. 

For someone who loves sushi, PhP399 was defo worth it. I was able to eat 7 plates. (2 greens, 3 yellows, 1 red and 1 purple/pink). But my friend, was able to finish 14 plates (yeah, she's a girl). We'd say we're good with just paying PhP399 for THAT much :) Dieting and healthy lifestyle went out the window yesterday, since it's the start of a long weekend and yeah, YOLO!

PS. If you're wondering why I didn't go with my husband to Sakae, it's kinda frustrating but he's not a fan of Jap. IKR?!


  1. we should go there next time! I love Jap food too!

  2. I'll detox muna from all the sushi goodness. Then let's go :) <3 <3 <3 Miss you!

  3. Maybe we should go to the one in the fort naman, para iba naman yung lugar. Di ko lang sure kung san dun, meron daw eh