Sunday, August 12, 2012

Post-Wedding Mileage

k by Cunanan usually posts their clients' weddings in their FB page. Since they did our wedding, that meant our wedding was featured. Guess who noticed our "unique" set up? Patty Laurel!

Patty is getting married too and is looking for wedding reception theme pegs and she decided that our wedding theme is cute enough for inspiration. Our wedding is the 'Blush and Glass'.

The idea of bottles and jars and glasses is something that I just pitched to Kar of k by Cunanan. Personally, I  looked for wedding ideas in Green Wedding Shoes for indie-esque wedding themes and saw the idea of recycled bottles. Kar promised me during our wedding meetups that she'll karir the hanging bottles and she did. And the effect was something totally unique and customized.

I'm just soooo happy about it because I've been trolling Patty Laurel since college days, and the fact that she liked my ideas meant a lot to me. Big deal.

Now let me just jump up and down and do rythmic gymnast-esque twirls.

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