Sunday, November 04, 2012

Eyeglasses? Get it FREE

I've been exposed to Firmoo because of a schoolmate who blogged about it. Firmoo first invited bloggers to get free Firmoo eye/sunglasses. I joined a contest on her blog - which I did not win :(

Now, months after that certain blog giveaway, I am looking at getting new prescription glasses. Honestly, I am having a really bad time looking for frames that I love. So I thought of googling Firmoo, remembering how they have a virtual app that can fit different frames to your face (believe me, fitting frames in an optical store can get reallllllyyyyyy frustrating), I did the fitting before but I was just not interested in buying yet so I just decided to forget about it.  But now that I really need it, I am putting it to good use.

Here's a screencap of the virtual eyeglass fitting.

Which looks good?
You may observe my fondness for Wayfarer and Clubmaster. Then I saw an announcement that Firmoo will send you your first pair of eyeglasses for free by redeeming the FIRMOOFREE coupon (Yes, EVEN in the Philippines). How amazeballs is that? So I did. I ordered and I just needed to pay for the shipping fee. You can give them your prescription and all and have your eyeglass done specifically based on your Rx. If you want polarized lens, photochrome, etc., you can request for that for additional fee (only the basic frame and lens are free).

Since I have a really messed up vision, I just ordered the glasses with the non-Rx lens and will just bring the frame to the local optical store to have it fitted specifically to my needs with transition lenses.

Wanna go get your hands on free eyeglasses too? Go to Firmoo!

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