Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Free Firmoo Eyeglasses

I blogged about Firmoo a few days ago and how I like their virtual eyeglasses fitting tool and have plans of ordering one online. They have finally arrived! So yeah, to anyone who's still skeptical: this is not a drill, it's for realz. They arrived yesterday via EMS shipping, it is a Chinese shipping company.

To ensure its members that their online optical store is not a scam, you can track the status of your order and package online. You can see your order being processed to shipping in your Firmoo account.

And when they're done shipping, you can track your package in the EMS website.

It took exactly 9 days from the day I ordered for me to receive the package. 4 days were spent with Firmoo making sure I get the correct product and the next 5 days transporting it from China to our house. The first item you purchase is on them, so I just paid for the shipping fee which is roughly PhP800 (I used the coupon code FIRMOOFREE). When the EMS delivery man arrived at our doorstep, he asked for PhP40 for taxes/postal fee and what not, which my dad happily paid for me.

Here's some pictures of the eyeglasses I bought.
In the package: black hard case, duffel case, tiny screw driver...
...extra pair of screws, eyeglasses and a lens-cleaner cloth.

I love the fact that they're thoughtful enough to include in the tiny screwdriver and screws because repair for lost screws are mighty jacked up here in Manila. Why pay when you can do it yourself?! I also have a history of improvising and replacing lost screwdrivers with needles and sealing it shut on both ends with clear nail polish. So for the DIY buff that I am, this is good.

The eyeglasses I ordered is product number SD2266. I ordered one without prescription because the cost of the photochromic lens (add-on fee, only the basic frame and basic Rx or non-Rx lens free) I wanted to get is a little higher for them versus EO prices (about PhP100 higher, plus I'm afraid that if the price of the item I ordered will be higher, then the customs/postal tax/fee - which I assumed is computed in percentage of the item purchased, will be higher too) and I don't know how to ensure that I get the correct prescription with all my vision abnormalities, just don't wanna deal with returning the package to them to have it corrected if I ordered the wrong prescription and wait again for the exchanged product. BTW, yes they do refunds and exchanges within 3 days upon receipt of package.

So there, whatyawaitinfor? If you're bordering blindness like me, or just think wearing eyeglasses is all the rage because of all the geek-chic hysteria, go to Firmoo now.

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