Monday, November 12, 2012

Lomo: 121112

Took these shots using FujiChrome 64T loaded on La Sardina. My first slide film attempt. Pretty cool, I say. I'm definitely buying more slide films, so much fun working with it.

I bought the tungsten film from Snapnook, together with the cable release which I used in the longX shots of Edsa.Out of all the Lomo-sellers Ive contacted, Snapnook has got to be the fastest to deal with, expect answers to inquiries within hours, and your products in your doorstep the very next day when the order is placed. I love that shop. Apart from Lomo-related-stuff, they also sell vinyls, and just confirmed turntables when I inquired on their multiply shop. I am looking to getting a turntable soon too.

Anywhoo, without further adieu, here's my 64T shots.

Tungsten burn

Yeti feet

Two-headed Myk monster

C5 at 7AM

Edsa at night

Cars, trains and road lighsthow

Pepsi Pogi, the Hulk


Chips and booze

Gas prices

Sevuhn eluhvihn


Shyn. Adey.


KIDS: Kassy, Kevin and Karlo

Valle Verde


Skydome ceiling on face paint
And oh, let me leave you with THIS, my peg home.

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