Sunday, November 25, 2012

WIW: Spring Boots

Some of you might have known about Bella - my winter boots, but I just bought spring boots (lakas maka-four-seasons sa 'Pinas). I don't have a name for her yet, maybe I should call her Saab (after Saab Magalona who like wearing 'em boots as well). I've been looking for DMs combat boots for the longest time but just find it abso-fuckin-lutely pricey, so when I saw this rip-off-slash-look4less version in Janilyn, I didn't think much and just bought it.
Outbreak Zombie Run T-shirt, denim cut-offs, Janilyn DMs-rip-offs in blue floral,  Jansport travel tote and Absolute drinking water
Original Doc Marten's: PhP 7,000 (+/-)
THESE: PhP 1,695

I can buy 4 pairs (which happened to be the number of designs these boots actually have) with the price of one Original DMs pair. Booyeah. Or I can just buy one of it and spend the rest on Christmas gifts... ;P

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