Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've been monitoring a lump in my left breast for roughly 4 years now. Every 6 months or so, I got get a breast ultrasound procedure to check changes and additional growths, if ever. I felt my first lump around 2008, it is in the 8 o'clock position of my left breast.

I had an ultrasound and mammogram last 23rd of October in the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Paseo de Roxas Makati after seeing my Facebook feed with THIS.

Anywho, I just got the results today because I am a lazy sloth when it comes to going out of the house.

The mammogram said that I had extremely dense breast parenchymae. That translates to my breasts are made up of useful tissues, glands and muscles and not useless fats, but it also mean that I have higher risk of breast cancer. Yes, apparently, non-saggy breasts = cancer risk. I can  look so pretty in dresses but I might be really rotting inside (forgive my morbid sense of humor, I'm not scared, I just find the irony in things hilarious).

There are now two lumps, another was found in the 9 o'clock position of my left breast. The mammogram did not spot this, the ultrasound did. The lumps are benign though, the ultrasound suggests.

Now let me lecture you about the BIRADS system. BI-RADS = breast imaging reporting and data system. The BIRADS system is rated from 0-6 and I was classified as tier 3 in it, and that means:

Category 3. Probably Benign
With BI-RADS category 3, a follow-up of 6 months is usually recommended. On the breast cancer screening mammogram there may be a finding of some kind, but the lesion is non-palpable. Findings typical of this category include:Clusters of tiny calcifications if round or oval Non-calcified solid nodules (no size limitation but non palpable), round, ovoid, well-defined,Selected focal asymmetric areas of fibroglandular density (not palpable): This might include concave-outward defined margins, interspersed with fat and without central increased fibular density on two projections.Miscellaneous focal findings, such as a dilated duct, or post biopsy architectural distortion without central densityGeneralized distribution in both breasts. For example, multiple similar lesions with tiny calcifications or nodules distributed randomly In some scenerios a percutaneous biopsy might be considered,even with category 3. For example, extreme patient anxiety, or plans for pregnancy, plans for breast augmentation or reduction surgery, or if synchronous carcinoma is present.   
So yeah, I'm in the midscale. One tier higher and the next will suggest suspicious finding, for biopsy, malignancy considered. Two tiers and it's cancer.

Some of you might send out prayers and messages of hope with this news, allow me to stop you from doing so. I am not scared of it. I am not dying. I am just aware.

It's good that I take precautionary check ups like this. It's weird to hear women my age who are surprised to know that I've been getting routine procedures for female health concerns since I was 21. I am glad I've been exposed to shit like this earlier than the rest, while this might scare the hell out of some people, I'm informed way earlier than them. Awareness and education makes me feel empowered. Visit an OB GYN or any medical practitioner (if you are feeling discomfort and/or having problems in other areas of your health) you can get your hands on.

I hope other women will do the same too. YES TO RH BILL.Women need to take care of their bodies.

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