Wednesday, October 27, 2010

44.5 kg

I've been getting a lot of "Pumapayat ka" comments lately. I don't know if I should be happy about it since I'm not trying to lose weight at all. I'm not in any form of diet; I eat 5-6 times a day. Even my husband will attest to it, I eat more than he does, especially when it comes to the 2 evil carbo-sources: rice and fries. Yet I manage to stay below the 100 lbs mark because all those stuff I put in, is no match with all the stress I have. Considering my relatively simple and laid-back lifestyle compared to the other people around me, I get stressed a lot - reason why I swear by clean living, spend my weekends just at home resting and never have been a fan of the party scene.

The Friday before last Friday, I woke up really, really dizzy and nauseated I had to take a night off and use my sick leave. I went to the doctor the next day and explained everything that happened, the nurse took my vital signs. Normal temperature, low blood pressure (80/60). The doctor gave me prescription for Serc, deducing the incident to have been caused by vertigo; and requested that I undergo blood test, ECG and 2D-Echo. After starvation (the blood test requires I fast for 8 hours) and much pain (the 2D-Echo hurt my breasts so bad), lab results show Sinus Bradycardia (ECG) and normal heart (atrium, ventricle, etc) with small main pulmonary artery. In other words, no major illness. The doctor said that it was purely stress-related and that I should just take multivitamins, Centrum in particular.

So maybe the 2 month Management Training I had - twice a week, 4 hours pre-shift; management mentoring, the daily deadlines and neverending urgents from the bosses, business sideline, running a household, bills, groceries, blogging and reading books took its toll finally.

There. I'm stressed. Best way to lose weight. Works for me.

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