Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Art of Blogging

Three people are back to blogging. That's me, her* and him*.

Back in college, due to the shortage of worthwhile social networks (i.e. no Facebook yet so we were stuck with the oh-so-ancient-design-and-function of Friendster), me and my circle of friends used to blog. Even mini-posts that could count in present time as status-update-worthy only, we blogged. We blogged anything, everything. My goal was to tell stories, share opinions and be highly Googlable; more search engine hits = happier me. It was pseudo-celebrity status. O, the fame.

I guess things changed since then.

He* is now known for evading Google.

The same thing applies to me. Notice the profile name. And I've been trying to have my name removed from the Google-able search words. But somehow, I haven't done enough privacy setting to succeed. I also am still deciding if I'll keep my blog URL, I might change it, until I come up with a good codename. I stopped using clandestine usernames by the middle of college because I tend to forget them a(nd Jobstreet says that using codenames are not very professional).

So there. Blogging demi-anonymously. There's a face but no name. Back to The Big Bang Theory.

*Friends whose names will remain unmentioned


  1. Just started watching... JackTv was lost for a long time

  2. sobrang aliw ako dyan. you should watch modern family too!! :D