Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Joice tagged me. What's in your Kikay Kit. And so here it is :)

My Kikay Kit. Top View.
Transparent for ease ;P
Everything that's in my kit ALL THE TIME.
Mary Kay Blush (Cherry Blossom); NYX Eyebrow set (Dark Brown); Vitress Hair Cuticle Coat; Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara; Maybelline Color Sensational (Cozy Tangerine); NYX Black Label (Summer in Hampton); NYX Round Lipstick (Snow White); Kiss My Face KIDS Lipbalm (Berry Smart).
Bench Paradise Body Spray (Hula Girl); Fanny Serrano Slim Eyelash Curler; Goodie Hairbrush; Compact Mirror with built-in lights (free from Ponds 2 years ago); NYX Lip Liner (Nectar); Eyeliner (so tagal na, I forgot the brand); Mary Kay Mineral Foundation (Ivory)
Charmee Napkin (just in case); Close Up Toothpaste; Colgate Travel Toothbrush; (in clear pouch) Mary Kay Blush Brush & San San Powder Brush.
I have 3 lipsticks to match my mood/ clothes. One in a screamin red shade, one in pink, and one in peach tone. The Kiss My Face KIDS lipbalm so far is the best lip product for me (really prevents chapping!). I like the Slim Eyelash Curler coz it reaches the innermost and outermost lashes (which is major problem for me coz my lashes are so short and thin). The Mary Kay mineral foundation sets really nicely (and I don't feel choked the way liquid foundation makes me feel), plus it doesn't make me itch a lot of products make me itch (talk about uber sensitive).

So there there.


  1. Ayos naman, though I think, hindi dark brown ang dapat binili ko, masyadong dark, dapat yung may ash/light brown.