Saturday, October 23, 2010


About 7 years ago, when I started college, tell people that you are from Taguig and they give you the evil eye and ask, "Where the eff is that?". Fast forward to today and say Taguig, and it is almost as popular as Makati, Pasig, QC or Manila, and that is pretty neat.

Went to MC Home Depot at BGC with the boy, my mom and my niece (because my current project is to renovate our kitchen - a very expensive idea of a Christmas gift to my folks, I must tell you, now how did I come up with that?!)  and was able to take some pa-cham-shots. For the rest of the potodokyu of the day, they're in my FB.
Dark Clouds over MC Parking Lot
32nd and 5th
Waiting for the car.
There's our ride :)


  1. hindi SLR. Disclaimer agad. Hehehe. Canon D10. Yung waterpoof, weatherproof, shockproof from Canon.

  2. yup. ganda diba? buti na lang talaga yan binili ko instead na SLR. kasi kung nag SLR ako, matatakot ako dalhin sa tubig, yan nilulublob lublob ko lang :)

    inaral ko lahat ng settings sa pagkuha ng piccurs nya kasi maganda kumuha. 15k na lang ata yan.