Monday, October 04, 2010

A Year (Almost)

Mike and I got married last year. December 18, 2009. A week before Christmas. No fuss, civil wedding, simple, nothing was carefully planned, and I loved that about it, it was spontaneous, it was like getting married in Vegas.

It was a very sedated celebration, no room for pomp and parade. I put on conservative make up and put my hair in a bun, wore a white dress, that was it. With only the closest family members - they are the only ones who mattered after all. I did not bother to get other witnesses as well, my brother and Mike's sister did fine. Our family had lunch and that was it. We went home and lived our normal, monotonous lives again.

Here are some photos from December 19, 2009.
We were so embarrassed having to kiss in front of everyone.
And now, it's been almost a year since we got married. And I wanted to celebrate our first anniversary extra special. So I've been researching where we can spend it. I was looking first at Thunderbird Poro Point in La Union, Mike wanted to go to La Union to surf and I wanted to go there to get the Santorini vibe, but when I tried booking online, everything was taken already. Of course, second choice will be Thunderbird Rizal, but it seemed like we'll have a really hard time getting there if we brought a car, Angono is unfamiliar territory for both of us; and if we got a cab, odds are we'll be paying a lot because Mike's been there before - business purposes - and he said it was far from the main road. And so I next decided that perhaps we should stay within Metro Manila, if not, just within the outskirts, and so I was torn among Marriott Manila, One Tagaytay Place and Antel Spa Suites. For some reason, I am not quite satisfied with these top three choices, maybe because there seemed to be nothing new about them. Until  stumbled upon Hotel H2o and it's Aquarium Rooms. Take a look at this room...

I told Mike about it and he was stoked with the idea-something new (he was so-so with the first few choices as he is kinda bored with the idea of the usual hotel room, after all, we've been to a lot). And so we'll stay there and I'm booking online and I'm excited!

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