Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Townhall Make Up

Celebrating the company's 10th year, we had the annual party done at 10.10.10 over at the World Trade Center. Townhall. Too bad I can't sneak Mike in. The theme was Ivy League or better yet "US Preppy". But I am so sure that every girl in the world will think of dressing up as Blair Waldorf , so I reckoned I'll dress up as Jenny Humphrey instead. Plus Warren said his vertical are supposed to be rockers. And no one overrates herself as rocker quite like Taylor Momsen does. It was fun, I guess. Though this ain't really my scene. I missed a lot of people though. WTC was a pretty big place and I can only cover limited space in my heels... 

So anyway, I asked begged Joice to help me with smokey eyes, she texted me the instructions. But I had very little time to prep and I cannot find the blending brush, so I settled for cat eyes, or my attempt to do cat eyes. But for my first time to do such look, I'd say I'm pretty okay. No one recognized me (they all thought I was... wait for it... Anne Curtis, ohyea).
Came in with nude lips, doublethink.
Decided on RED lips
Giving myself a pat on the back for another DIY make up moment. I know to pull off Taylor Momsen, I could've donned a few more tons of black eyeliner, but I'm not a big fan of racoons.


  1. anne curtis it is! haha ganda! :P i liked the red lips more. anong lipstick yan?

  2. NYX Snow White :) It's my super go to red lips, taob ang celebrity red!

  3. Lagi naman ako trial and error sa make up. Sineswerte lang. Gradeschool pa lang til college, til working, DIY lagi ako. recognition, school events, graduations, etc. Except for prom. That I didn't do by myself.

  4. gusto ko din yang snow white.. :P

    ako naman sobrang di ako marunong dati! akala ko makakatipid na ko ngayong marunong nako... kaso mas lalo akong gumagastos hahaha

  5. Snow White na binlot ng tissue. Kasi feeling ko nakakatakot pag kapalan ko...