Friday, October 29, 2010

Supporting the Lola's

I am posting this to push for an advocacy, the victims of the violent Japanese Regime in the Philippines - the Filipino Comfort Women. It's literally been years since the injustice ensued but the culprits remain at large. It's about time, we stand up for the Filipino Women. Noynoy, be a vanguard of justice - the way you package your self to be - and stand up for the Filipino Women.

Sign the Petition Here and See the Lola's (c/o Ms. Gang Badoy so we may see who we are fighting for.

    To: President Benigno Aquino III and the Philippine Congress
    The Philippine Supreme Court has recently denied again the Filipino comfort women's petition to compel the Executive Branch to take up the cudgels against the Japanese government. 
    We, the undersigned, petition to compel the Philippine President and the Philippine Legislature to demand the Japanese government to make amends by providing a just compensation for these women who were victims of Japanese military sexual slavery during World War II. 
    We, the undersigned, petition our President Noynoy Aquino to be true to his "daang matuwid" slogan by taking up the cause of the Filipino comfort women with or without the decision of the Supreme Court. We urge Pangulong Noynoy to discuss the Filipino comfort women's demands with Japanese officials during his scheduled visit to Japan on 14 November 2010. We also petition the Members of the Philippine Congress to take this cause on behalf of the Filipino comfort women. 
    We, the undersigned, challenge the Philippine Congress to pass a resolution demanding the Japanese government to formally acknowledge, sincerely apologize and accept historical responsibility by providing just compensation to the Filipino comfort women. This was done by the U.S. Congress, Canadian Lower House and the Dutch Parliament. Why can't the Philippine Congress do the same? 
    As of December 2005, 45 of the 173 Filipino comfort women already died. Should we wait for them to all die before they get the justice they are longing for? Justice for the Lolas Now! I Support the Lolas' Quest for Justice

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