Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Effin "H"

People ask me why do I put an "H" at the end of my nickname. Most suspect that it is some sort of a phase that I refused to outlive - putting random Hs in your name, which might have been the forefather of jejenism. Some would doubt my grammar nazi tendencies and pet peeve for sticky keys when they find that abominable H after the first three letters of my name.

So to make things clear, my official name should've included the despicable H, but come birth certificate, the H was omitted, and left me with an A and an L right beside each other, when the H should have been between them. Blame it on the midwife, the civil servant who type-wrote it or to my parents who did not give OC-specific directions. So now, you know, it's not vanity.

My family made me aware of this typo error when I was 5, when they printed out in the dot-matrix computer printer a streamer that says "Happy Birthday ---h!". I had to ask them why there was an H, because when I write down my name in my pad paper, it doesn't have an H. And that's when they told me the story. My mom and dad were too lazy, too broke and find the idea of spelling too trivial to go to lawyer to have it corrected through some affidavit of sorts.

When I was six, I had my first slumbook/autograph book and while I was filling it out, my mom said I should put '---h' as my nickname. You see, when I was at that age, I rarely rebel and not do what the elders tell me to do.

And so there. That's where the "F" "H" came from.

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