Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taho Love

I remember being a little girl on summer vacations waiting for the Taho Man to come by our house. A small plastic cup of taho was a peso them. The name of the Taho Man was Willie. I used to ask him, to put extra arnibal, no sago and pakihalo, I even carry my own mug. Willie was ok with it, even if my mug was bigger than the usual plastic cup, after all, I was his suki.

But now, I am an adult and I don't have the luxury of summer vacations anymore, I cannot wait at our house's balcony waiting for the Taho Man. And my only source of taho was at the basement level foodcourt, near Market!Market! supermarket (sounds overly redundant). But I thought their serving was too big and the arnibal or what they call syrup is not as sweet as I want in to be, plus I now have the option for additional toppings: garbanzos, red beans, mango... but that's not just how I want my taho.

But lately, despite the fact that I'm usually a street food snob unless it's in Diliman or Banchetto, I've been buying taho from this one man in C5, at around 5:30 AM, when I'm on my way home from work. He's usually by the footbridge. It's just one Taho Man, I've tried the other Taho Men there, but only this one Taho Man can really deliver how I want my taho, his arnibal is extra sweet (the others have some bitter aftertaste) - maybe because he puts 4 scoops of it, the other's only three; and he mixes it twice - first after the 2 arnibal scoops before putting the sago and the 2 other scoops of arnibal, then mixes it again.

Extra arnibal, pakihalo but with sago this time (I don't remember anymore why I don't like sago then).

Old Skool Taho


  1. natuto lang ako kumain ng taho nung college. pati shawarma..

    masarap din ang chilled taho. yung SEx the best. :)

  2. Chilled taho yung nabibili ko sa Market. Don't like it so much. Malamig kasi sa tum tums