Friday, October 08, 2010


What to wear in the upcoming Townhall - a company event/party. That's my problem now. How shallow.

And if I can't find the killer outfit, I just need to have killer make up. Joice, help me... glam-goth-look tutorial :)

Next up, I'll be posting inspirations.


  1. killer make up ba? glam goth? sure! hahaha :P pag ok na yung mata ko. i have sore eyes eh. hehe

    gusto mo ba magmowdel mowdel, i can refer you sa photog friend ko :)

  2. Sa sunday na yun. ahahaha. I found the outfit na. Sa department store lang. I just need tube socks. Kasi I was thinking of dressing up as Taylor Momsen. ahahaha

    mowdel mowdel? ahahaha. will check with the boy first

  3. kelangan mo magkasore eyes para goth na goth! hehe:D well, kung trip mo lang. pwede naman fashion shoot lang. haha kung gusto mo lang. pwede din kayong dalawa ni boy. :P

  4. about taylor momsen, why not? racoon eyes! make sure lang na nonsmudge yung eyeliner mo :)

  5. Yun problema ko sobrang smudgey ng eyeliner ko. Syet. If you'll suggest one STEAL item to buy for smokey eyes na available in most beauty counters, ano to? I need. I've practiced kanina pagkauwi. Not quite. Do you suggest false eyelashes. Mygad.

  6. Okay, i'm panicking. I only own the following:
    mary kay mineral foundation
    mary kay blush on (pink)
    black eyeliner (the smudgey one)
    mascara maybelline cateyes
    eyeshadow elf purple, deep purple, black, lilac,
    eyeshadow don't know the brand pink, peach, green, gray, bronze, brown
    nyx lisptick summer in hampton, snow white, strawberry milk
    avon lipstick celebrity red
    maybelline lipstick cozy tangerine

    I'll wear a blue n black stripes ruffley racerback and black tutu miniskirt with leather belt
    black sandals and black tube socks
    and velvet blue polish

    i dunno if this even helps.

  7. sabi ni asawa ko... ok lang daw na magmowdel. kaso pano nga daw kita ulit nakilala. hindi ka ba daw mangloloko. ang hirap i explain kung pano kita nakilala eh :) ahahaha. sabi ko mabait yun, batanguena yun eh (kasi batanguena din mama ko, trying to prove a point). sabi ko may marangal na trabaho yun. tsaka mabait yun. tsaka sabi nun gwapo ka... hehehe