Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Naive Leap by Ala Paredes

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After reading the said post, there were tears involuntarily flowing from my eyes. Maybe because I chose to be naive and not jaded; and that's quite a first - I've always chose to be jaded on some of the most important aspects of life. I guess I'm a romantic, I also figured that I am sort of conservative, even judgmental on certain issues that revolve around it, I also found myself thinking of a lot of I should'ves on certain things but I still felt lucky that I get to experience the Naive Leap Ala was talking about. We didn't prepare too much, we didn't think too much, we just followed gut. News of being married at age 22 tends to elicit a deluge of mixed reactions, opinions and emotions, especially to people who doesn't know what's happening within the corners of our home, but I'd say we decided to get married for the correct reasons; even after losing the baby - which people might think was the only reason we did.

Though what really annoys the socks out of me along the lines of this topic is when people ask, "When will you have babies?". I literally want to punch people so their front teeth will fall out when I hear this. I want to come up with smart-ass retort and be as insensitive as they are but I guess I've mastered being calm somehow and I just answer "Ayaw pa namin". Why the need for such questions? To pressure? To make us experience whatever it is you're experiencing? To prove a point that the reason we really decided to get married was because of pregnancy? You don't know our timelines, let alone our mental processes.

In spite of that certain pet peeve, so far, it's been pretty successful. Perhaps because we're not as naive as expected, we're not going through the motions yet: we don't have a baby, which makes living a hundred times easier for a couple; we both have stable, decent-paying jobs that can take care of the bills and some; we're not trigger happy when it comes to our vanities; we're able to sustain and maintain Maslow's heirarchy of needs: physiological, security, belongingness, esteem and a bit of self-actualization.

We just took a naive leap. Sure, it is a "blank cheque" as Ala puts it, but we decided on this based on our need and want to be together, without the I-love-you-I-hate-you-I-leave-you-let's-get-back-together-coz-I-love-you-again-but-then-again-I'm-not-so-sure shenanigan. Sure, we might have construed timelines when we decide to do certain things and accomplish certain goals, but if things doesn't work as planned, we'll still push through. Because at the end of the day, it's about a commitment to make it work, TOGETHER.


  1. my sister has to read this! and ala's entry. she has to read thisssss hehe


  2. Ala's entry na lang. Wag na tong akin, rants ko lang to hahahah