Sunday, October 10, 2010

Secret to Happiness and Success

I am one of those people who doesn't believe that caffeine and energy drinks can fuel the body for a very looong day. Neither do I believe that yosi can calm down nerves. But then again, that's just me. I used to down caffeine, energy drinks and yosi in back in college. Only to find myself almost paralyzed near The Powerplant-Rockwell one school evening, cannot move my limbs, lips and vomiting on the gutter.

So my body tends to overreact to caffeine, nicotine, among others. Caffeine makes my heart palpitate in the beat of the drums of war. Nicotine somehow causes my body to numb up. Mix that up with a serving of a toxic day's worth of work (schoolwork then), very little sleep and my moderate claustrophobia, and a re-run of the Rockwell episode might be in the making.

And so, with the graveyard shift supporting my otherwise frugal existence in the past 2 years or so, meet my friend in the past 5-6 months(?).

This is Melatonin. It helps me induce sleep fast and makes me sleep deep, just like I used to when I was sleeping at night. I take the 1mg GNC capsules currently, but I had first dibs on the 3mg Lifetime capsules (I found out that the 3mg Lifetime capsules make me want to sleep for 10 hours everyday, a bit too much). Sleeping with the sun up can get really tiresome, especially since I can't sleep with the lights on, then add the tropical climate, ohmy. I realized that I can only perform at optimum level when I have at least 7 hours of sleep, any less than that and I get cranky, moody and inefficient. Plus when I sleep this long, I don't need vitamins anymore, or a shrink, cuz I seem to be incredibly balanced. Mellow, steady type of efficient, I am not fond of jumpy, crazy efficiency, that tends to be erratic.

And since smoking never really did good to me, I replaced it with McDonald's French Fries. But just like any vice, it seemed to have a downside. The doctor said my sodium intake is high and I need to hydrate much to wash out all the salt from my fries and be bouncy healthy happy. But I'd take that instead of lung cancer. I really hate being hungry, I eat every 2 -3 hours, 3 full meals and 2-3 small serving snacks per day. I think my usual daily calorie intake is around 1200 calories, except of french fries days. (And to all the people who will react and tell me that food in McDonal's is junk just becaue you watched some YouTube video or Supersize Me, oh please! You won't stop me. And I bet Krabby Patties taste just like Big Macs!) And so here's me pigging out on the evil fries *nomnom*.

Yosifries <3
Two (Large) Down!
And the lesson of this post is: People tend to rationalize their vices by saying that these things make them feel good, or fuel them. They abuse their bodies then turn to energy drinks, coffee and cigs to cope up with the stress and all. When I think we all just need to eat and sleep on time. I don't do crazy diet plans, binge eat and play with my weight as if it's yoyo anymore. I make sure I get sufficient eat and sleep everyday. EVERYDAY. And look at me, I'm a happy camper! This ends the self-help portion of my blog.

But what works for me might not work for you. Whatever floats your boat, baby! Just my opinion.

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